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At CAHP, we work across the health care industry to promote high-quality, affordable, evidence-based health care in Colorado through advocacy, education, prevention, and health policy research.  With our members and partners, we aim to advance a vibrant, private public system with consumer choice, product flexibility and innovation.

We offer memberships for:

  • Full-service HMOs and health insurance companies licensed by the State of Colorado or planning to become licensed.
  • Subsidiary organizations of health plans and to other risk-bearing organizations that operate similarly to health plans such as Regional Accountable Entities.
  • Organizations that partner with health plans to manage care including vision health organizations, behavioral health organizations, dental managed care organizations, pharmacy benefit managers and transport management organizations.
  • Companies that provide products or services to health plans or maintain an interest in the health insurance industry.

Interested in joining CAHP?

For more detailed information about membership types, benefits and dues, please email